Gum rosin series

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Gum Rosin

Special properties and uses: It is a kind of natural resin, mainly composed of various kinds of resin acids, it can be dissolved easily in many types of solvents, and has special chemical activity. So it is an important raw material for the manufacture of paper, coatings, inks, rubbers, soaps, electronic industrial products, food grade ester gum, rosin ester resins, etc.

Light-Colored Rosin

These products are distilled and purified from gum rosin under vacuum and proper temperature;Used in electronic solder flux and as raw material for light-colored rosin resin and ester gum (food grade).

Gum Turpentine

Properties and uses: Its main composition is pinene, with special chemical activity, it is a good solvent and an important raw material for the manufacture of coatings, synthetic camphor, synthetic resin, synthetic spices and other organic industrial products, etc.

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